Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department

Photos By Tad Dukehart, Kerin Hankwitz and others



2016 July 24

10-50 Hwy 42 & Waters End

2016 July 21

10-50 Hwy 42

2016 July 2

MABAS Washington Island


2015 Oct 26

10-50 Old Stage & Hwt 42

2015 Oct 3

MABAS Call to Fish Creek Chimney Fire

2015 Aug 16

MABAS Call to Ephraim House Fire

2015 Aug 15

Assist Paramedics Newport Park

2015 July 5

MABAS Call to Ephraim

2015 January 21

Ice Rescue Training

2015 January 7

Chimney Fire Town Line Road

2014 October 18

Ephraim Fire House Museum Dedication

In Memory of

Bill Weborg

L.O.D.D. 9-26-2004

2014 September 13

Sister Bay Liberty Grove Fire Department

House Open House

2014 July 19

Ellison Bay Rescue

2014 June 06

10-50 Hill RD

2014 February 13

10-50 ZZ & Old Stage

2014 January 12

Ellison Bay Garage Fire

2013 December 30 mutual aid call Ephraim Ephraim Inn

2013 August 13

10-50 Hwy 57 and Cty Q



2013 June mutual aid call Gibraltar

 Ridges Rd.


2013 June High Angle Training


2013 May Little Sister Hill


2013 Feb mutual aid call Gibraltar

 Evergreen Rd.


2011 December

10-50 Old Stage Rd.


2011 November mutual aid call Washington Island


Gibson's West Harbor Resort, an island landmark wood frame building and one of the oldest commercial structures on the island, experienced a major fire early in the morning.


2011 Oct 14

10-50 Highway 57


2011 September 30

Wind Storm

2011 September Grass Fire


A brush fire scarred 80 – 100 acres near Timberline Road and Isle View Road in Ellison Bay.

2011 September 11


9-11 Remembrance Service Sturgeon Bay

2011 June mutual aid call Egg Harbor

The Carlsville Tavern was built in 1905 by John Alaers, known as the Roadhouse  it featured a western style facade with the high front and it had a large front porch. In 2011 it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 2012 at the same location using the same western style facade.


Tower 22


2011 January Boat Fire Rowleys Bay


A commercial fishing boat that was being fueled sustained significant damage when it caught fire Tuesday in the town of Liberty Grove. The captain received minor burns.

2011 Jan

Gill Rock Stoneware

2010 September

Viking Grill

2010 April mutual aid call Gibraltar

Coopers Corner

2010 Jan mutual aid call Egg Harbor


2009 August

JJ La Puerta Mexican Restaurant

2009 July Extrication Training

2009 April Propane Training

2008 Oct mutual aid call Gibraltar

Cookery Fish Creek

2008 Jan Little Sister Rd.

2006, July 10 Ellison Bay WI propane explosion


An explosion leveled the 136-year-old Pioneer Store and killed two vacationers. The blast also burned down one cottage and damaged another. It is believed a propane gas leak caused the explosion, which may have resulted from a contractor damaging unmarked underground propane lines. Eight others were transported to local hospitals; five more refused treatment.



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